A Little About Me


Stay-at-home mom, educational facilitator of two homeschooled teenagers, constantly seeking out learning experiences for myself as well as my kids.  This is my fifth Coursera mooc the other four were:

  • Creativity, Innovation and Change (Penn State)
  • The Horse Course (U of Florida)
  • Content Strategy for Professionals: Engaging Audiences for Your Organization (Northwestern)
  • Gut Check: Exploring Your Microbiome (U of Colorado Boulder)

Other learning experiences I’ve had include:

  • 19 years living with and being obsessed with horses
  • 18 years homeschooling two kids
  • 10 years American Sign Language Interpreter
  • 5 years organizing Mini Maker Faires throughout Southern California
  • 3 years of creating and running various making related workshops and activities for the California Homeschool Network’s annual Family Expo Homeschooling Conference.
  • Dozens of other side adventures like playing the ukulele, working in a zoo  and apprenticing for a horseshoer

My take away from this course will be new content and ideas for the CHN Family Expo workshops. I would also like to design classes and workshops for the general public to be offered at a local makerspace and other locations. Plus, I really like learning new things.


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